About Me

Cherie attended Empire Beauty School in 1998 and graduated as a cosmetologist.  Aiming for the goal of teaching and/or opening her own salon, Cherie continued her education @ Empire Beauty School and received her degree as an Educator.  While attending school Cherie worked @ JC Penney Salon as a receptionist and stylist.  Furthering her career she worked in two private salons, Exclusively You, Inc. and Mastercuts.
In March of  2004 her career as a cosmetologist was put on hold due to an accident.  They say there is a silver lining in every dark cloud so, after several surgeries and recuperation Cherie was able to put her degree to use and taught @ Chambersburg Beauty School.  (Cherie was unable to return as a cosmetologist since she required the use of cane.)  As soon as the doctor’s gave her the thumbs up sign though, Cherie returned to Mastercuts.  Unfortunately another medical problem required her to take a leave of absence but allowed her time to think about including barbering in her career.
Cherie studied under Mr. Bob Hooper of St. Thomas.  It was through Mr. Hooper and his daughters that she learned of a barber, Mr. Jay Lightfoot of Chambersburg, who was looking for someone to take over his clientele.
On August 15, 2007 Cherie’s goal of opening her own shop, Stoner’s Cuts + at the formerly known Lightfoot’s Barber Shop @ 680 Broad St., became a reality. (Believe me when I say it is not easy taking over for someone who has been in the business for so many years.)   She plans on a long and prosperous business as long as this is where God wants her.
Che`rie Stoner is also certified by Farouk Systems in Advance Color with CHI and Biosilk products.. Her buisness is Amonnia Free and the products used are less damaging to the hair.